Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A little Gratitude.

A little gratitude can go a long way. So I'm certainly grateful for answered prayers, the really important ones that allow me to have a baby girl, and the really small ones too. From the time I was a little kid my parents instilled in me the knowledge that God did hear and answer my prayers, no matter how seemingly unimportant they were. He helped me find my shoes when I was late for school and he's helped me find more than one wedding ring. Yesterday I was reminded again of the power of prayer.
I was getting ready to leave for school but I couldn't find a form that I needed for class (I know huge surprise). It was a paper that a cooperating teacher had filled out about my student teaching to a Spanish 101 class. I looked all over but couldn't find it anywhere. Well I was going to be late so I decided to print a new one off and just take it to the teacher and see if he could fill it out again. As I put my backpack on I remembered to pray. I said a quick prayer and asked Heavenly Father to help me remember where I had put the paper. I took one last look around the desk but couldn't find it so I put my shoes on and started to head out the door. Then I remembered that I left my headphones on the nightstand by my bed. I didn't want to walk to class with no music so I went into my room to get them. After I got them, I stepped on a shirt on the floor (sorry mom haha), and noticed a small white corner sticking out. Sure enough it was the paper I had been looking for. I gratefully shoved it in my backpack and left for school, remembering all the other times the Lord had answered my simple prayers, even though the world wouldn't have ended if he hadn't.

As a bonus I turned my iPod on shuffle and started walking to class, the first song was "Good Life" by One Republic. Good life indeed.

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