Sunday, October 10, 2010

Focus on the Savior

I just wanted to share something really quick on this wonderful Sunday afternoon. Today in Sunday School our lesson talked a little bit about building our foundation on Christ. The teacher asked us the question of how do we get rid of confusion in our lives or what do we do when the spiritual storms come to our lives? Believe it or not the first thing that I thought of was a song on the new Zac Brown Band CD. It's a song called "Quiet your Mind". The basis of the song is that with everything going so fast in life sometimes you just need to quiet your mind because "if you're too busy talking you're not busy listening to hear what the land (I thought it said "Lamb" the first time I heard it and it would fit here) has to say. The fact is that sometimes we have so much going on in our lives that we forget to quiet our minds so we can hear what the Lord has to say. Often he tries to speak to us through the still small voice of the Holy Ghost but our minds are so cluttered and so loud that we drown out what the spirit is saying. We need to quiet our minds so that we can focus on the Savior. This point was brought home to me in a dream I had a few weeks ago. Some of you are probably thinking, "A dream? Is this one of DJ's crazy action packed dreams?" Well actually this is one of a very few dreams where I woke up and immediately knew it was from God and had an actual meaning. In the dream I was in a room filled with my immediate and extended family. Everyone was talking and having a good time but I was very confused. Everyone was loud and having their own conversation. Yeah I know this sounds like family home evening right? Well then the room started to swirl back and forth and I couldn't focus on anything. I began to be worried and wasn't sure what to do to relievethe confusion. I caught a glimpse of a picture on the wall of Jesus. I knew right away that if I wished to get rid of the confusion I had to put all my energy into focusing on that picture. As soon as I did this the confusion left and the room stopped swaying. I woke up soon after but the message was clear to me. I had so much going on in my life that I was forgetting to focus on the Lord. I knew what I needed to do and as soon as I did that I literally felt the confusion leave my life. I still had the same tasks that needed to be performed and still had the same amount of time to do them but now my focus was in the right place and the confusion was gone. Sometimes we just need to quiet our minds and listen to the Lord and place our focus and our trust in him. If we do this then Satan will not be able to confuse us.