Monday, April 26, 2010

The Story of the First Foolish Tradition.

As the sole write and creator of The Book of Laman, I am posed with the almost impossible task of choosing the first foolish tradition that shall be eradicated. In future posts I will rely on my readers keen ability to spot foolish traditions and report them. Today, however I will be forced to rely on my own dry whit and wisdom.
The first tradition had to be good. Like the picture in my title it had to be monumental, funny and touching (but in a different way). And so the tradition was chosen: The Monthly Histomony.
Definition: This tradition actually has nothing to do with your allergy medication. (If you do hear of a monthly histomony for allergy I would be in the market though) Histomony is a combination of couple of words. History and Testimony. Hence a monthly histomony is the recitation of the history of a certain month given during fast and testimony meeting.
History: The histomony actually has it's origins in the "thanktemony". Thanketmony is the combination of thank yous and testimonies that we learn in primary. The thanktemony is not inherently wrong and should not be discouraged in younger children. It did however develop into the histomony that we know today.
Why is this a foolish tradition: Well there is nothing wrong with a histomony if it were given during fast and histomony meeting. Unfortunately for the histomony givers there is not such meeting in the LDS church. Histomonies should be discouraged during fast and TESTIMONY meeting because they are not TESTIMONIES. Giving a true testimony in front fellow worshipers strengthens ones testimony of the gospel. Giving a monthly update of your personal history does not strengthen your testimony but does few a negative things. First off it detracts from the overall spirit of the meeting. Second it takes the opportunity from someone else to give a meaningful testimony. Lastly it is as a wise person once said, "putting icing on crap". The giver of the histomony believes he or she is giving a testimony and that they are consequently growing in the gospel. When in reality there is either a lack of knowledge about what a testimony is or the actual lack of testimony and so no growth is occurring.
Possible solutions:
1. Call out the histomony givers during Sunday School.
2. Set an example by cultivating your own testimony and setting the example on fast Sundays by sharing your own testimony with your ward or branch
3. Shout down thanktemonies and testimonies during your own "lecturemony".
4. Befriend the histomony giver and find out if he/she either lacks a testimony or lacks the understanding of what a testimony is. Try and lovingly help that person gain a testimony of the gospel.
Lastly if you are a histimony giver and are covering your own crap with icing or if you know someone with that tendency then I've got some serious advice. Ask yourself if you really desire to have a testimony strong enough that it will give rise to a new desire: to share your testimony. If the answer is yes (or if you were one of the group who simply "knows" someone who's covering the crap) then grab the nearest copy of the Book of Mormon. Go to your room/study/grove or equivalent. Turn to 3 Nephi Chapter 11. Before reading say a prayer in your heart and let your Heavenly Father know your desires. Read Chapter 11. Read Moroni 10:3-5. Follow the instruction given in those verses. Now go share your testimony. It doesn't have to be in sacrament meeting but it does need to be shared. If you don't see immediate results then repeat the process and choose different chapters in the Book of Mormon each time.
And thus ended the First chapter of The Book of Laman.

Quote of the day: "A testimony is what we know to be true in our minds and in our hearts by the witness of the Holy Ghost (see D&C 8:2). As we profess truth rather than admonish, exhort, or simply share interesting experiences, we invite the Holy Ghost to confirm the verity of our words. The power of pure testimony (see Alma 4:19) does not come from sophisticated language or effective presentation; rather, it is the result of revelation conveyed by the third member of the Godhead, even the Holy Ghost." -Elder David A. Bednar

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  1. First of all, I totally agree with you... that is something I need to work on is sharing my testimony in Sacrament meeting. :) I also have a couple of suggestions for your site... the links are totally invisible unless you happen to mouse over them. :) I'll be thinking of traditions that need to be brought out and taken out.